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uTorrent 3.4.30219

uTorrent 3.4.30219 Free Download

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The champion of lightweight torrent programs


uTorrent is a P2P client with which you will be able to download any kind of files through its torrent protocol. What makes it different from other BitTorrent applications is its number of additional features, the great speed it downloads and the possibility of synchronizing it with other external devices such as video game consoles or Android smartphones.

uTorrent uses a smart way for managing your bandwidth in order to make it possible to use other online software, like Skype, without any kind of inconvenience. It includes an option to search torrents directly from the uTorrent client that will lead you to your desired content. You will be able to download files like video, audio or free programs, as long as other users share that content.

You must remember that uTorrent only provides the content that other users possess. uTorrent has built-in a RSS feeds reader for auto-downloading the files you are interested in, since you can manage different sources of information. As any client, it can manage your downloads as you want, resuming interrupted files, adding several torrents at the same time and setting different levels of priority thanks to its scheduler. The developer has also included a streaming tool for previewing the videos you are downloading as a way to check if the content is right or a fake. You can search torrents from this client, as well as choosing among different providers.

A lot of functions for a basic client

uTorrent is designed for being simple to use, perfect for beginners since it enables the option of opening directly the files you get from the Internet, with no further configuration. Its automatic settings are enough to perform fast downloads, but it will depend on your Internet connection and the number of seeds the file has. As in any P2P client, uTorrent depends on its users. In order to keep them happy with torrent community, new improvements and features have been included, such as the magnet support for external links to attach files directly from the web.

Since the multimedia content has severely spread through all the net, uTorrent offers better ways to share the content you have in your computer with other home devices you own. This way, by synchronizing gadgets like BitTorrent Certified devices, iPods, iPhones, PS3 or Xbox 360 among others, you will be able to access to your files anywhere.

For those users who would like to configure their programs their own way, uTorrent allows configuring the connection ports for a better performance. This way, you can manually set port mapping for UPnP and NAT-PMP protocols for increasing its performance. You can check the progress of the files you have scheduled, the rating of other users and comments about them in order to avoid mistakes or low-quality archives.

uTorrent 3.4.30219 Features

Here you can check the main features of uTorrent:

  • Fast downloading speed for any kind of file
  • Compatibility for sharing content with external multimedia devices
  • RSS feeds support, configurable for adding new files automatically
  • Remote access to your content by creating an uTorrent account
  • Advanced connection settings for customizing its performance
  • Choose among different external search engines included uTorrent

If you want to learn more about this P2P client, you are free to visit its developer’s website .

System Requirements

Here are listed the requirements your system must have in order to run uTorrent properly:

  • OS: Windows XP or higher
  • Memory: at least 6MB RAM
  • HDD: 1MB and additional free space for further content

free download


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